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Advances in Advanced Traps

Advances in cage traps

Number of models will be reduced. We have come up with new models and model designs that add more function to a single trap and eliminate the need for others. Most have features never seen or used before. Several for the nuisance industry.

We will only offer two coyote dog sized traps. The two offered have shown to be exceptional in how effective they are. The #33 now can be ordered for delivery within 3 weeks. The #33 is one of the best traps for all predators I am aware of. I get rave reviews by phone, weekly. You just need to call 229 873 2530 to order. The New #34 will be shown soon and offered within 2 weeks. It is absolutely a dog catcher. I am about to receive a special permit to test because of its exceptionalism. It is the best fur bearer cage trap I know of. It is expensive due to the size and design. Testing has shown it to not miss so far and is the most open appearing trap I have ever made, or am aware of. It may possibly be the cage trap for coyotes that every one has wanted. Testing has shown it to be superb in ability to get “any” animal to enter and commit. It works well as a standard set, but works better with live bait. The #34 is unlike other cage traps in a variety of ways. It weighs about 50Lbs.

If you want an all around trap that is easy to use and catches almost “every” predator, buy the #33. If you want a trap that can be used well with live bait or not and will catch a variety of predators. Buy the #34. If you are a city or municipality the #34 will out perform any trap you may have catching dogs and cats, by far.


Kirk DeKalb

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