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THE #34 Predator Trap


Predator Trap | Stray Dog Trap

Excellent Rescue Dog Trap

Predator Trap | Stray Dog Trap

The first picture is a prototype pan wire trigger set. The second picture is a prototype using a metal step on pan that is tension adjustable in a live bait application.
The higher the door the more open the trap appears. The angled door enhances the predators senses of sight and smell to the bait when using bait or lure due to the relation to the trigger.

The design of the bait cage not only makes the bait more appealing – but leads animal to the exact position wanted when the trap fires.

Trap has a longer spring throw, for a very fast closing door. Three door height settings, 12″-18″-24″. Easy to bait and set. Excellent access to all parts of the trap when setting, baiting, or not.

Due to the way the design of the trap and live bait cage when using live bait, predators literally can,t stand it. They go nuts. Live bait is protected or surrounded by half by one inch wire. The trap largely enhances the dominant personality of predators when the trap is used with live bait and not.

Manufactured trap can be purchased with or without live bait options. Trap comes with two access doors on each end for live bait attachments and easy use of a transfer cage, or catch pole for removing animals.

Not available on website presently. Must call to order. 229 873 2530

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