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#34 Predator Trap Another View

Another look at the #34

#34 Predator Trap Side Profile

Here is a side view showing a prototype #34 trap. Door set at 12″. The second picture shows height at highest opening of 24″. Notice the difference in how open the trap appears from the short setting to the highest. Also notice that when the trap is set at the highest setting the animal when under the door is 10″ in the trap further than if the trap was a standard box. The overhang he uses as a guide to how far he is in the trap is now 10″ further in. His actual distance to the lure or bait has now shortened by 1/2 to 2/3rdsĀ even considering other side door designs I have made. Notice the live bait cage in how it is designed and where the feed and bait holder is located. It further enhances the catch.

#34 Predator Trap Sideview open

Keep in mind the manufactured traps have access sliding doors on each end. There is also an access door for setting the mechanism and trigger used. There is full access to all parts of the cage.

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  1. I’m looking for a trap to catch a red fox that has been causing havoc for me raising chickens. Please provide me with information regarding a trap to accommodate this.

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