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If You Are Using A “Swing Bar Wire Triggered Trap” – You ARE Missing Animals

I noticed on a Business post the cure for missing animals in a swing bar wire triggered trap was to block the openings through the trigger with additional wire or thicker heavier wire, maybe even twisting the wires to close the gaps.That is fine if the animal has no other way out or around. You block too much and he will go around or claw his way out another way. That is why the versatility of a body grip trigger use on a support mechanism is by far the most effective. Sure, it makes the trap cost more, but the trigger is easily replaced if wires are broken and the trigger function and use makes the trap superior in function as well as ability to catch. Let’s see you set a swing bar trigger as a bump or 4 -way trigger. It can,t happen. When the swing bar is pushed but doesn’t move far enough to fire, will it move back in place? Can you adjust the trigger tension or firing distance of the trigger movement when the trap fires without filing or altering the trap so that it may be used in a different situation on another job. Just the way the trigger responds to the animal as it moves against it is important as to whether the catch is made. There is “no” comparison when trying to say they are the same.

What is that worth?

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