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Advanced Trap was started by professional volume trapper, Kirk DeKalb. Kirk has designed a mechanism that allows animal cage traps to be made of unlimited design and function. His new trap mechanism and trap designs increase catch and versatility of the trap. In our testing an “Advanced Trap” trap will increase your catch by 40-50% over “conventional” pan type trigger systems… thus saving you money in time and expense!

Kirk Dekalb Owner of Advanced Trap
Kirk Dekalb Owner of Advanced Trap

As the company grows, new models will be introduced. Kirk has made over 60 prototypes and the models you are seeing here are just the beginning.

The Mechanism is PROVEN.

Double Catch Trap

We now have the capability for volume production and plan to grow with demand, offering traps that have previously unknown capability.

Give Advanced Trap a chance to help you solve your predator or nuisance control problems!

Don’t be fooled by our competitors!

Armadillo in Double Catch Trap

No other cage trap manufacture has the design, or ability to catch an animal that our patents can offer with cage traps.

Example: We offer our small animal traps in a 10″x 12″ size with a minimum length, in a standard “Powered” double door trap, of 24″ . We have found the trap will catch about 95% of armadillo, coon, possum and 100% of skunks and wood chucks as a baited set depending as to how it is baited. If the trap is smaller you get refusals or lost catches on the larger armadillo, coon, and possum. If you go to a 30″ or longer trap in the same size fox come into play, as well as, increasing the ability of the trap in most cases.

Any smaller, we have found, will work on a forced or a “positive” set but lacks ability on baited sets. Which do you use most? Wouldn’t you rather have a larger more open trap that works well on both types of sets and not miss that 5% to 10%.

A larger trap just costs a little more. Compare more closely when you buy. It only takes one catch to pay the difference.

Beware of a competitor selling a smaller trap of similar design to ours, and implying it will do more.

Beaver caught in an Advanced Trap Double Door Trap

As a manufacturer, if you can convince your customers to use the smaller, cheaper to build traps and they are not sharp enough to pick up on the difference (It may take years), the manufacturer wins!