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If You Are Using A “Swing Bar Wire Triggered Trap” – You ARE Missing Animals More Examples

I have caught over 18,000 beaver and otter in the last 22 years. Most of those were catches made using a trap with a body grip trigger. In getting this experience understanding how the animals respond to water flow and trap placement was critical. When I did my “Trappin Tales” video we filmed in flooding conditions and heavy rain.

I learned that in periods of high water animals have no problem going down stream but when forced to swim back upstream will tend to climb a dam to the left or right of the most forceful part of the stream flow or be washed back. Especially the smaller ones.

In demos using a swing bar beaver trap, a trigger is shown as being able to be set with force needed to combat the water pressure. It is implied as being a great asset for stability.

Now let’s assume there is 15 lbs of water pressure the spread fingers of the swing bar trigger is holding back. That means it will take 16 lbs to set it off moving down stream or just one more pound of pressure. What about the other way? Going up stream a 30 lb beaver would have to push almost his whole body weight to make it through the trap and fight it almost all the way through to fire the trap. He is not going to do that. He is going around. He may even grab the trigger (if the trap is upside down) and not be in the trap far enough allowing a miss. Now set the trap to the side and divert to the trap with debris guiding the beaver to a set that he can walk through. Use a trap with a body grip “hanging” trigger and bend the trigger wires up just above the fast flowing water. Use a tall trap, over 14 inches. Now you are not missing anything going up or down stream. Re position trap as needed as flow subsides. You would do that with a 330 , foot hold, snare, or cage trap.

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If You Are Using A “Swing Bar Wire Triggered Trap” – You ARE Missing Animals

I noticed on a Business post the cure for missing animals in a swing bar wire triggered trap was to block the openings through the trigger with additional wire or thicker heavier wire, maybe even twisting the wires to close the gaps.That is fine if the animal has no other way out or around. You block too much and he will go around or claw his way out another way. That is why the versatility of a body grip trigger use on a support mechanism is by far the most effective. Sure, it makes the trap cost more, but the trigger is easily replaced if wires are broken and the trigger function and use makes the trap superior in function as well as ability to catch. Let’s see you set a swing bar trigger as a bump or 4 -way trigger. It can,t happen. When the swing bar is pushed but doesn’t move far enough to fire, will it move back in place? Can you adjust the trigger tension or firing distance of the trigger movement when the trap fires without filing or altering the trap so that it may be used in a different situation on another job. Just the way the trigger responds to the animal as it moves against it is important as to whether the catch is made. There is “no” comparison when trying to say they are the same.

What is that worth?

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Advanced Trap is proud to now offer the #28 High Powered Guillotine Door Trap

We at Advanced Trap are proud to offer our latest in a long line of superior live catch traps to you our customer on our web store for orders. This trap offers you the customer with the absolutely fastest door system built to date on any live catch box trap.  This trap was built with beaver and otter water trapping in mind, however after further testing we are seeing this trap shine on other species such as raccoon, opossum, armadillos, feral cats, medium-sized dogs and foxes. If you’re looking for that new latest and greatest trap to fill the need in your arsenal look no further. The Advanced Trap #28 fits the bill. Find it for sale on the Advanced Trap website at

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#34 Predator Trap Another View

Another look at the #34

#34 Predator Trap Side Profile

Here is a side view showing a prototype #34 trap. Door set at 12″. The second picture shows height at highest opening of 24″. Notice the difference in how open the trap appears from the short setting to the highest. Also notice that when the trap is set at the highest setting the animal when under the door is 10″ in the trap further than if the trap was a standard box. The overhang he uses as a guide to how far he is in the trap is now 10″ further in. His actual distance to the lure or bait has now shortened by 1/2 to 2/3rds even considering other side door designs I have made. Notice the live bait cage in how it is designed and where the feed and bait holder is located. It further enhances the catch.

#34 Predator Trap Sideview open

Keep in mind the manufactured traps have access sliding doors on each end. There is also an access door for setting the mechanism and trigger used. There is full access to all parts of the cage.

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THE #34 Predator Trap


Predator Trap | Stray Dog Trap

Excellent Rescue Dog Trap

Predator Trap | Stray Dog Trap

The first picture is a prototype pan wire trigger set. The second picture is a prototype using a metal step on pan that is tension adjustable in a live bait application.
The higher the door the more open the trap appears. The angled door enhances the predators senses of sight and smell to the bait when using bait or lure due to the relation to the trigger.

The design of the bait cage not only makes the bait more appealing – but leads animal to the exact position wanted when the trap fires.

Trap has a longer spring throw, for a very fast closing door. Three door height settings, 12″-18″-24″. Easy to bait and set. Excellent access to all parts of the trap when setting, baiting, or not.

Due to the way the design of the trap and live bait cage when using live bait, predators literally can,t stand it. They go nuts. Live bait is protected or surrounded by half by one inch wire. The trap largely enhances the dominant personality of predators when the trap is used with live bait and not.

Manufactured trap can be purchased with or without live bait options. Trap comes with two access doors on each end for live bait attachments and easy use of a transfer cage, or catch pole for removing animals.

Not available on website presently. Must call to order. 229 873 2530

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Advances in Advanced Traps

Advances in cage traps

Number of models will be reduced. We have come up with new models and model designs that add more function to a single trap and eliminate the need for others. Most have features never seen or used before. Several for the nuisance industry.

We will only offer two coyote dog sized traps. The two offered have shown to be exceptional in how effective they are. The #33 now can be ordered for delivery within 3 weeks. The #33 is one of the best traps for all predators I am aware of. I get rave reviews by phone, weekly. You just need to call 229 873 2530 to order. The New #34 will be shown soon and offered within 2 weeks. It is absolutely a dog catcher. I am about to receive a special permit to test because of its exceptionalism. It is the best fur bearer cage trap I know of. It is expensive due to the size and design. Testing has shown it to not miss so far and is the most open appearing trap I have ever made, or am aware of. It may possibly be the cage trap for coyotes that every one has wanted. Testing has shown it to be superb in ability to get “any” animal to enter and commit. It works well as a standard set, but works better with live bait. The #34 is unlike other cage traps in a variety of ways. It weighs about 50Lbs.

If you want an all around trap that is easy to use and catches almost “every” predator, buy the #33. If you want a trap that can be used well with live bait or not and will catch a variety of predators. Buy the #34. If you are a city or municipality the #34 will out perform any trap you may have catching dogs and cats, by far.


Kirk DeKalb

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Still looking for the right gift for your significant other??????


We at Advanced  Trap know how it is to shop for that significant other in your life who loves the outdoors. Many hours spent looking in big box stores for that special gift that will mean something to your family member. We at Advanced Trap specialize in building professional quality traps that will last your for a lifetime with minimal maintenance on your part. Our patented trigger mechanism has proven itself to increase your catch ratio by 40 percent.   We invite you to take a look at our line of wildlife traps at Advanced Trap.


Beaver caught in an Advanced Trap Double Door Trap