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The Birth of "Beaver Man"
Kirk DeKalb's story

Raised in North Alabama, son of an avid hunter, Kirk DeKalb is no stranger to nature. His love of the outdoors is a lifelong passion. Fishing was a natural bent for this boy who was constantly drawn to a fishing pond. His fondness for nature was fostered, as his family moved nearer to the woods and Kirk found himself daily seeking the mysteries of the forest. Having a best friend, whose family owned and operated a Dairy farm, birthed a love for animals in his early teen years. Working closely with this family and living with them during the summer months, increased his desire to someday have his own farm… which is now a dream fulfilled! However, becoming a Trapper, and anything close to resembling, "Beaver Man" was not even on Kirk's "nature radar" until he was taught by a trapper from Ohio, how to set a Conibear Trap.

Six weeks later, he caught 200 beaver and the "fire was lit" inside him. In January 1996, Kirk discovered that his county had a bounty on beaver. Over the next 90 days, he had trapped 546 beaver. At this same time there were 28 other trappers from the county, with a yearly total (October to May) of 144 Beaver trapped. Therefore, the county contracted Kirk to officially assist with the Roads and Bridges Office, eventually spreading to four other counties.

Kirk quickly became known as, "Beaver Man." Local residents identified him as a friend who assisted in eliminating their flooding and drainage problems. Adjoining counties recognized his unique talent and also contracted him to trap along their roads and right-of-ways. Now, eleven years later, he has felt compelled to share what he has learned from his experience. It is his desire to help other counties and municipalities to learn ways to control their ever encroaching Beaver population, thus relieving the residents of flooding possibilities, bridge destruction, and hazardous road conditions.

With an extended background in Construction, the Dairy Business, and Farming, this outdoorsman has the ability to see trapping from a different perspective.

Currently holding a Florida General Contractor's license and a Virginia Class A General Contractor's License, helps him to assess the damage and ramifications of soil erosion, irrigation issues, timber losses, and road damage. It is Kirk’s desire to help humans and animals co-exist to the good of all mankind.

Kirk can be seen on the North American Trapper TV Show as a featured nuisance trapper.

Watch the show HERE.